It all began in the summer of 2009 when Mark Beatty and Lisa Funston decided to invite 20 odd family and friends to Lake Como in Italy for their wedding.

On one particular evening after a few glasses of wine, a missed ferry and a high speed ride in a water taxi we all got talking about how much fun it would be to have a place of our own. This maybe was a far fetched idea but it grew in our heads, We knew that, due to the many years of catering experience between us, our whole family was perfect for this.

In July 2010 the families embarked on another joint holiday, this time to France, with a group of 14. As the chat went on the idea was becoming more like a reality. With Mark producing an amazing daily menu we all agreed, with a little help of cocktail of the day, that it could be done. Mark and Carol (or Mrs Mayberry as Mark likes to call her) embarked on finding a suitable location.

As much as we would have liked to open a restaurant in Lake Como, we decided, as we were all from Holywood, it was the perfect location, and so in October 2010 Coast was born.

Then to the business of appointing someone who knew how to run a restaurant. With promises beyond belief we managed to secure the eldest and wisest of the Funston siblings- Stuart it was!

From the outset we were all in agreement that we wanted to create a warm family feel, a welcoming restaurant where people could come and feel part of the family.

From all the Beattys, Funstons, Mayberrys and staff we hope you have a wonderful experience with us and that you will call soon.